CEO back to work after firing 900 virtually, apologising

Vishal Garg, who had received heavy criticism for firing his employees over a Zoom call, had taken a break from his duties to reflect over his actions and work out ways to take the firm forward


Vishal Garg, who grabbed headlines for the brutal manner in which he fired about 900 employees of, the digital mortgage lending service, has returned to work after taking considerable time off.

In December 2021, the founder of the firm had laid off hundreds of employees over a Zoom call, earning a lot of flak on social media. Post the incident, after issuing a formal apology for his unbecoming behaviour, he had taken time off from his duties to reportedly give serious thought to his leadership and seek professional executive coaching.

Following the infamous layoff, had witnessed a spate of resignations, including from its top ranks. The Company’s head of public relations, head of marketing as well as vice president – communications had resigned following the incident, which had gone viral.

At the time, the senior leaders of the Company had revealed that would engage a third party to assess the Company’s culture and leadership. As a result, the Company is now looking at strengthening its leadership team by bringing on board a new chief human resources officer, along with a chairman and a president.

Interestingly, Garg had brutally laid off a significant part of the workforce close on the heels of a $750 million funding that the firm had received. The firm was planning to go public post a merger.

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