Bihar Govt dismisses 70 health department employees over appointment irregularities

The court-ordered dismissals highlight government's commitment to addressing hiring irregularities and ensuring transparency in health department


On July 17, 2023, the Bihar government took decisive action and terminated the employment of 70 health department employees assigned to various regions in Muzaffarpur district due to the discovery of irregularities in their appointments. Among these individuals forty had already retired and, as a consequence, their pension payments were halted, according to Muzaffarpur civil surgeon, Umesh Chandra Sharma.

The dismissals were a direct result of a court order, prompting the immediate removal of these officials from service. The headquarters of the state health department was actively involved in implementing this decision, signaling the government’s commitment to addressing administrative inefficiencies and ensuring transparency in public service.

The irregularities found in the appointments raised concerns about the hiring process, and the government’s stern response reflects their dedication to maintaining the integrity and credibility of the health department. By taking swift action against those involved in irregular practices, the authorities aim to set an example for the entire public sector, emphasising the importance of upholding fair and merit-based recruitment procedures.

This decisive move also underscores the government’s prioritisation of accountability and efficiency in crucial departments like healthcare, where the well-being of citizens is directly impacted. By weeding out any irregularities and ensuring a more robust hiring process, the authorities aspire to create a more competent and committed workforce that can better serve the healthcare needs of the people of Bihar.

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