British Petroleum to create 2000 jobs in India

The oil and gas company will be setting up its new centre in Pune, which will begin operations by January 2021


Amidst the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic, Pune had been in the news for the number of layoffs that happened in the IT companies it is home to.  However, bringing some hope, multinational oil and gas company, British Petroleum (BP), has confirmed that it will be setting up its new centre in Pune, which will provide employment to over 2000 people.

This new centre will also support digital innovation across BP, globally.

With operations expected to begin by January 2021, the centre will provide business processing and advanced analytics capabilities, to support BP’s worldwide businesses.

Considering that India is known as the hub for a growing digital talent pool, the new centre will allow BP to tap into this pool, even while helping provide job opportunities to many in the country.

Utilising analytics and data science capabilities to enhance business outcomes, the centre will be outsourcing business processes to third parties.

Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan, welcomes BP’s move, to set up shop in India, with open arms. He is confident that this move will generate employment for the growing local digital talent pool in the country.

It was earlier reported that BP had decided to lay off 10,000 employees from its 70,000 strong global workforce, to tide over the financial pressure brought about by the pandemic. Bernard Looney, CEO, BP, had justified the layoff as an essential step to prevent the British energy company from collapsing in the face of a global decline in demand for oil.



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