Burger King employee rewarded with Rs 3 crore for27 years of service

The employee named Kevin Ford never missed office and was punctual throughout his service


A Burger King employee received recognition for being consistently punctual and never missing a single day of work. The employee has never been late ever in his 27 year long  tenure at the food outlet.

According to a report by the Daily Express newspaper, the employee named Kevin Ford, a 54-year-old resident of Las Vegas, is about to retire from service. Hence, the company decided to recognise his faithful service by presenting him more than $400,000, which is about Rs 3.26 crore.

In an Instagram video, Ford also showed the gifts he received from his co-workers, including a movie ticket, snacks, a Starbucks drink, two pens, two lighters and a couple of keys.

The money that Ford will receive as a reward was raised through a GoFundMe campaign, which was initiated in response to a video of him receiving a gift bag for never missing a day of work went viral last year. According to a US TV programme, the campaign was started by Ford’s daughter with the intention of enabling him to visit his grandchildren in Texas.

The Instagram account under the Ford’s name shared the video, along with a very quirky caption stating how people often say that it’s hard to retain employees these days, but Kevin Ford worked even through the early days of the pandemic without missing a single day of work.

While highlighting his 27-year professional journey,  the account mentioned how he didn’t get anything on his 25th anniversary, but his employer more than made up for not rewarding him then by expressing immense gratitude on his 27th anniversary.

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