Central-government staff with higher qualifications to get higher incentive

If the employees manage to secure higher and relevant qualifications while in service, they will be eligible for a five-fold increase in incentive.


A five-fold increase in one-time incentive will be given to the central-government employees who manage to acquire higher degrees, such as a PhD, while in service. The hiked incentive amount will range between Rs 10,000 to a Rs 30,000, depending on the duration and significance of the course. This hike will alter a norm that has existed for almost two decades.

Those government employees who acquire higher qualifications post joining service have always been given a one-time incentive, which ranged between a minimum of Rs 2000 and a maximum of Rs 10,000. With the amendment made by the Personnel Ministry, this one-time payment will go up to a minimum of Rs 10,000 and a maximum of Rs 30,000.

Those who obtain a three-year degree/diploma or less, will now be eligible for Rs 10000, whereas if they acquire a degree/diploma of more than three years’ duration, they will be eligible for Rs 15000. Those who complete a one-year postgraduate degree/diploma or less, will get an incentive of Rs 20,000.

If the employee successfully completes a postgraduate degree/diploma course that lasts more than a year, she/he will now be eligible for Rs 25,000. Those who complete a PhD will be eligible for Rs 30,000.

However, all the qualifications acquired will have to be related to the function the employee is serving in or the post she/he holds. Or the additional qualification should be of relevance to the next higher post that the employee will hold. None of the 48.41 lakh central government employees will get any incentive for simply acquiring degrees in academic or literary subjects that have no relevance to their work or will not improve their efficiency in any way.

Employees will only be eligible for such an incentive twice in their entire career. There has to be a minimum gap of two years between successive acquisitions.

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