Cisco initiates tech layoffs, dismisses employees across business units

These layoffs as part of its restructuring plan announced in November 2022


In a significant workforce restructuring move, Cisco, a leading technology company, has officially announced the termination of employment for thousands of its staff members. The decision is part of its ongoing effort to streamline operations and optimise its business performance.

These layoffs are part of its restructuring plan announced in November 2022. The company has confirmed that these layoffs are part of the 4,100 job cuts it previously announced. The restructuring aims to rebalance the organisation and affects approximately 5% of the workforce, including changes to its real estate portfolio.

Despite the layoffs, Cisco is committed to assisting impacted employees in finding new opportunities within the company. It is offering generous severance packages to support those affected by the workforce reduction.

Last year, Cisco revealed its plan to lay off 4,000 employees, about 5% of its workforce, during the first fiscal quarter of 2023. During the company’s earnings call, Scott Herren, chief financial officer, described the action as a ‘rebalancing’ effort, emphasising that it is not just a cost-saving measure but a strategic move to reallocate resources.

Cisco intends to increase investments in crucial areas, including security, platform transitions, and expanding cloud-based product offerings. The number of job openings in these areas is only slightly lower than the positions impacted by the rebalancing, demonstrating the company’s careful approach to managing the transition while driving growth in these critical sectors.

Overall, Cisco’s current layoffs are part of a broader initiative to strategically reshape the organisation, redirecting resources to fuel innovation and growth while providing support to employees during this transformative phase.

While the workforce reduction may present immediate challenges, it is ultimately aimed at fostering the company’s long-term growth and continued success in the ever-evolving technology market.

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