Citigroup to enforce three-day in-office compliance 

Failure to meet the minimum office attendance criteria will result in fall in employee's ratings and potential salary adjustments 


Citigroup, a financial services corporation, stated that employees will be required to work at least three days a week in the office and measures will be taken if adherence to this requirement is not fulfilled. It will also enforce rules for its hybrid work model, holding employees accountable for compliance. 

The bank allows employees the flexibility to work remotely for up to two days a week. However, it also emphasises maintaining a physical presence in the office and recognises the benefits of in-person interactions, team spirit, and the exchange of ideas that occur when employees work physically in the office. 

According to Bloomberg, Citigroup plans to monitor and assess employee compliance with the in-office work policy. 

Citibank stated that it will hold employees accountable for not following the three-day in-office mandate. This implies that measures will be taken if employees fail to meet the minimum office attendance criteria. 

However, it said that most of its employees are already compliant with the requirements. 

Bloomberg’s report suggests that Citigroup will count office attendance into the performance evaluation and compensation of its employees. This indicates that compliance with the hybrid work set up could impact an employee’s ratings and potential salary adjustments.

To manage remote and in-person work arrangements, Citigroup’s decision to enforce this mandate highlights its efforts in maintaining corporate culture and maximising productivity in a hybrid work environment.

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