Coal India changes its promotion strategy


The company will follow a performance-based approach to promote employees, rather than a seniority-based one

A month back, Coal India made headlines after it decided to reduce its workforce from 3.4 lakhs to 2.4 lakhs in the next five years. In its most recent announcement, the Company has taken yet another step towards making its structure resemble a privately-owned company.

Known as the country’s third largest employer, Coal India has now decided to follow a private sector-like approach to its promotion policy. It will emphasise on performance rather than seniority. With this move, the state-run organisation hopes to retain some of its best talents.

The Company plans to implement this new system of promotion by December this year, as it feels that when the sector is opened up in the near future, it would be difficult to hold back talent if merit is not rewarded properly. This might affect production, in general.

Presently, promotions in the Company are based on interviews only, from the E-7 level onwards, while the rest are based on seniority. With the new approach, the Company hopes to embark on a journey where it can more than double its production from about 500 million tonnes to a billion tonnes in the next five years.


  1. its seems like they always think about the officers only what about the workers . If they are really searching the talent, talent can also found in workers as well.Suppose a fitter Gr-III is very good in computer knowledge and project is in lacking of computer operator so GM of the project can give authorization of doing official work and he should be promoted from DR to MR . If they are really looking for talent so chance should be given equally.

  2. What is the thinking about the Mine surveyors (non-executive )who are serving in diff subsidiary of CIL in a GR A since more than 10 years OR in A1 grade form long time but they are not promoted to executive grade as per carder scheme.Although a large nos. of Mine surveyors (non-executive) are performing as a main surveyor of the mine. Pl,think about Mine surveyors because they are EYES of mine.

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