Cognizant to expand AI alliance with Google Cloud; will train 25k professionals

Cognizant is investing in developing its generative AI capabilities through various initiatives. It will launch the Cognizant Google Cloud AI University, a program that will train 25,000 Cognizant professionals and clients on Google Cloud AI technologies


Cognizant has announced an expanded partnership with Google Cloud to facilitate the fast adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) around the world. As part of this partnership, around 25,000 Cognizant professionals will be educated on Google Cloud AI technologies at the upcoming Cognizant Google Cloud AI University. 

The university will offer a range of courses, including introductory and advanced courses on AI fundamentals, Google Cloud’s solutions, and specific cases where AI can be used. Additionally, Cognizant will open Google Cloud AI Innovation hubs in Bangalore, London, and San Francisco. These centres will serve as spaces for Cognizant experts, Google Cloud experts, customers, and university students to work collectively on responsible AI projects.

With the initiative, the company plans to streamline its efforts to help its clients create, migrate, and modernise their AI journeys. It will also aid to bolster the productivity of their client’s business driving a significant impact towards growth. 

Therefore, Cognizant plans to expand itsexisting partnership with Google Cloud, utilising itscurrent technological capabilities, upskilling its talent, and delivering advanced technologies to its clients. The company has also emphasised the critical role that it will play in supporting the global shift towards responsible AI use. The partnership will not only provide enterprises with more highly skilled AI experts, but also new solutions focused on creating business value, and deep experience in applying Google Cloud technologies to industries such as financial services, healthcare and life sciences, and retail. 

As perAccording to Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud, the collaboration will help organisations leverage generative AI more effectively and efficiently, resulting in significant business benefits.

There are several ways Cognizant plans to enhance its partnership with Google Cloud. Firstly, itthey will expand itstheir product offerings. Secondly, itthey will provide extensive training resources for developing tech talent on Google Cloud. Finally, itthey will establish innovation hubs in key technology centres across the globe to encourage collaboration and innovation for the responsible use of AI.

Moreover, Cognizant will leverage Google Cloud’s generative AI, predictive AI, and analytics capabilities to build a suite of transformative solutions for all industries. They Cognizant will fully  utilise Google Cloud’s generative AI, predictive AI, and analytics capabilities to put together a suite of transformative solutions.

It plans to offer the first solution suites for the banking, insurance, life sciences, and retail industries. 

Cognizant plans to use Google Cloud’s suite of generative AI products, which includes large language models (LLMs) and Gen App Builder, to develop itstheir solution suites. Gen App Builder will allow itthem to lower rollout barriers for high-value enterprise use cases such as Conversational AI and Enterprise Search. Google Cloud provides direct access to the underlying LLMs through generative AI support in Vertex AI. The Vertex AI Model Garden offers various first-party, third-party, and open-source models, each optimised for a specific task or domain, providing a broad range of choices tailored to client needs.

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