Compass Group launches SafeSphere to provide a safer and healthier workplace

The programme offers nutritious meal options and also ensures contactless and hygienic food delivery.


As the country is preparing to return to office, it has become vital for organisations to ensure hygiene and safety, especially when it comes to having meals at workplaces.

With an aim to provide a safe environment at the workplace, the Compass Group has launched a designed programme, SafeSphere, to provide a safer and healthier workplace. SafeSphere can support organisations in ensuring the wellbeing and hygiene of their employees, through adaptable and customisable programmes offering food, safety and hygiene solutions.

The USP of this new programme is that it enables contactless modes of serving meals across centres.

It is developed in association with 14 independent health, safety and audit specialists across the Asia Pacific region and assures safety in all food-related interactions at the workplace. It uses an operating model with a set of certifiable standards.

SafeSphere is capable of ensuring consistency and comfort, given its well-established auditable verification and validation process.

With an intent to address the anxiety amongst employees and the change in consumer food preferences, SafeSphere will ensure new safety standards and protocols through multi-channel employee hygiene communication and COVID-19 training modules. Employees will be provided with personal protective equipment and enhanced employee health checkups.

It has also introduced Meal Plus, a nourishing, immunity-boosting food programme that  ensures overall wellbeing. It covers all aspects of processing, packaging and providing a contactless experience. It also ,offers pre-ordered and packaged ‘Grab & Go’ nutritious meals with an option for delivery at the workplace.

SafeSphere is designed to maintain the highest levels of sanitation protocols and ensure that the cafeteria spaces are in alignment with the set standards.

It has introduced the FoodBook Café Pass, a technology-based interface to manage employee traffic in the workplace cafeteria, so that the lunch hour rush is regulated and the space remains decongested.  The Café Pass allows employees to choose their preferred time to eat, book the slot and even pre-order their meals through their mobile app.

Its OnSafe App enables implementation of distancing protocols with real-time tracking at the workplace.

SafeSphere aims to keep hygiene as its priority even while ensuring that nourishing and immunity-boosting food is offered to employees.

In India, SafeSphere is being implemented across 50+ sites, including Bangalore, Gurgaon, Chennai and Hyderabad.

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