Apple engineers struggle with cost of living

The Company may look at moving beyond the San Francisco Bay Area


With hiring quality talent becoming more of a challenge for Apple with each passing day, the Company may be seriously looking to decentralise. Apparently, its employees are finding it difficult to keep up with the cost of living in the San Francisco Bay area.

Engineers at Apple have been struggling to meet their living expenses, including rent and tuition fee for their children, so much so that it is affecting their savings in the long run.

With its commitment to diversity, Apple is focussed on hiring from diverse communities. In the last five years, it has hired 64 per cent more people from underrepresented communities. However, it is finding it challenging to improve this figure further with the high cost of living in the Bay Area proving to be a major hurdle in the hiring process.

While some senior executives have been pushing for decentralisation for quite some time now, the suggestion is being taken more seriously now, as the Company has started to lose talent owing to the high cost of living around the Apple Park HQ.

Some groups within Apple have already started opening offices outside of Silicon Valley, in Texas, Iowa, Miami, New York, Nashville, Florida, Oregon, San Diego, Israel, Germany, and Asia in the past few years. The Company is realising the advantages of having a more global workforce. Not surprisingly, Apple has invested in new office space in Ireland, and is also expanding its offices in New York City. It has reportedly spent about a billion euros to establish a silicon design centre in Germany.

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