DA for centre employees may hike by 5%

It may stand at 39 per cent


As per the media speculations and reports, it is being said that Dearness Allowance of more than one lakh Central government employees will see an increase by five per cent starting  July, 2022. Earlier, it was expected that the DA may increase by four per cent. However, there has been a boost in the crucial All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial workers (AICPI), which is referred to while deciding the DA increase that happens twice every year — first for the month of January to March and then, from July to December.

In the month of December 2021, the AICPI figure stood at 125.4 but in the month of January 2022, it decreased by 0.3 points and came down to 125.1 and in the following month of February, it further came down to 125.00 seeing a decline of another 0.1.

Going further, the AICPI figure saw a 0.1 increase in the month of March and another 1.7 point jump in the month of April. Now, the AICPI figure stands at 127.1.

Since the AICPI figure has seen a rise, it is expected that the Central government will have  good news for the employees.

For the year 2022, the DA has already seen three per cent hike for the month of January to June. With this increase, the DA came up to 34 per cent from 31 per cent. Now, if it further increases by another five per cent as speculated, it will stand at 39 per cent.

Depending upon the salary, the employees can expect the DA amount to go up from Rs 8,000 to Rs 27,000.

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