Facebook encourages employees to help with social causes, offers incentives

The staff will be rewarded for the way they contribute towards checking the spread of distorted information and hate speech on FB.


American online social media and social networking service company, Facebook (FB), offers incentives to its workforce based on their contribution to social causes and their support to the Company in controlling the spread of misinformation and hate speech on FB.

Shortly after celebrating its 15th anniversary, it was announced that the Company will now decide bonuses based on how its 36000 employees work to support its updated priorities for the new year. Earlier, staff was given bonuses on the basis of user growth, growth in sharing by users and improvement in product quality among other factors. But henceforth, the bonuses will be calculated according to how much of the Company’s updated goals are reflected by the workforce.

updated goals include handling the social issues being faced by FB, focusing on creating services that improve the lives of people, lending support to businesses and ensuring more transparency in terms of the role played by the Internet and Facebook in the world.

Facebook, which earned a record revenue of over $16 billion dollar in the last quarter of 2018, plans to invest on building new ways for people to connect with each other. The number of active FB users is over two billion per month and more than one billion every day.

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