Goa govt increases DA

Following the Central Government’s lead, the hike is retroactively implemented from January 1, 2023


The Pramod Sawant-led government has increased the dearness allowance for its employees to 42 per cent of their basic pay, following the Central government’s lead. The hike will be retroactively implemented from January 1, with the arrears being paid alongside the April salary.

The increase in benefits will be extended to state government employees, Grant in Aid (GAI) institution employees, and those employed in aided schools. The government order stated that the new dearness allowance will be effective from April, and employees will receive arrears for the months from January to March, in April.

The increase in dearness allowance will benefit employees and pensioners who are on the state government payroll, up from the previous 38 per cent of basic pay. The Central government had previously raised its DA by a similar percentage, based on the increase in the All India Consumer Price Index’s 12-month average ending in June 2022.

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