Minimum wages in Gujarat to go up by 25%

Within about 10 days, the new minimum wages will come into effect benefiting over 2 crore workers


The Government of Gujarat has revised the minimum daily wages of workers in the State after eight years. The minimum wage has been hiked by almost 25 per cent for 46 jobs under the ‘scheduled employment’ category and about two crore workers will gain from the move. The same will be implemented within about a week or 10 days.

Henceforth, a skilled worker in urban Gujarat will be able to get Rs 410.80 as daily minimum wage, whereas an unskilled worker in the non-urban area will get about Rs 382.2.

Skilled workers working for municipal corporations and municipality areas, will be eligible for a monthly pay of Rs 12,324, which is 24.63 per cent more than the previous Rs 9887.8.

The wages of semi-skilled and unskilled workers will now be Rs 11,986 and Rs 11,752 per month respectively, having been hiked by 24.15 and 24.41 per cent, respectively.

Beyond the municipal corporation and municipality areas, the minimum wage for skilled workers has been hiked by 24.42 per cent, taking their earning per month up to Rs 12,012.

The minimum wages will apply to jobs at construction sites, bakeries, automobile repairing units, cotton ginning and pressing, hospitals, dispensaries and clinics, drilling operations, electronics and allied industries, film industry, pharmaceutical and engineering industries, fisheries, hosiery units, oil mills, petrol / diesel pumps, plastics, power looms, textile processing units, printing, public motor transport, pulp and paper mills, hotels and shops, tile manufacturing setups, sugar industry, soap manufacturing, private security guard services, and so on.

The minimum wages for sugarcane workers has been hiked by 100 per cent. Instead of Rs 238 per tonne, they will now earn Rs 476 per tonne. This revision will be enjoyed by over three lakh sugarcane workers in Gujarat.

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