Tasmac raises salary for its finance staff in Tamil Nadu


Tasmac has met the long-awaited request of assistant engineers (accounts) in the corporation by raising their annual increment from 1,250 to 2,500. This boost has instilled optimism among those working as supervisors, salesmen, and assistant salesmen for a salary hike in the upcoming months.

At present, supervisors earn a salary of ?13,500, salesmen receive ?12,500, and assistant salesmen earn ?10,250. After subtracting the amounts for PF and insurance, their take-home pay would be even lower. 

As per TOI, a source has reported that there are 52 assistant managers in the accounts department who receive a contract salary ranging from ?35,000 to ?42,000 per month. Their request to raise their annual increment from ?1,250 to ?2,500 for the past three years was also approved in a board meeting on December 28. Additionally, it has been declared that the arrears for the past three years will also be paid.

This has provided optimism for Tasmac employees in anonymous positions, who reported that their annual raise was increased by ?500 after the state budget session last year.

According to P. M. Manikandan, state secretary AICTU, Tasmac Union, their ongoing demand is to have supervisors and lower-level workers be considered for equivalent government positions. He stated that whenever they protest, the Tasmac management responds with temporary solutions such as a small raise of ?500 or ?1,000. He believes that only when Tasmac implements the wage system used in Kerala, which aligns with that of government employees, will their distress come to a resolution.

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