Tata Starbucks staff to get financial help to buy 2-wheelers

This transportation benefit is being provided to make their daily life and commute to work easier and stress free


Following a survey of employee needs, Tata Starbucks has launched an initiative to financially assist its employees who wish to purchase a two-wheeler for their personal use or for official work.

Tata Starbucks partners (employees) in India who have been with the Company for at least six months, will be able to choose from a range of financial benefits that will help them be more independent and enjoy more affordable and reliable daily transportation and better commuting experience.

By helping the employees become owners of their own vehicles, the Company hopes that the employees will be more at ease mentally without the stress of having to commute by public transport daily.

Employees will receive a salary advance to enable them to make a down payment for a two-wheeler vehicle of their choice. They will also enjoy reduced rate loans and discounts on various models, including electric and second-hand vehicles.

Staff members who are on the rolls and have been with the Company for over two years will also get a contribution from the Company towards the down payment. In addition, partners can seek financial help to buy new two-wheeler vehicles, obtain discounts on electric vehicles, or on used and refurbished vehicles, whichever they prefer.

The programme will also facilitate the sale of old vehicles for those employees who wish to upgrade their present vehicles. They will also enjoy a discount on a new vehicle.

Workshops that will educate the staff on road safety will also be offered to all staff memebers who commit to the promotion of safe and responsible driving.

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