TomTom Traffic Index declares Bengaluru as the most congested city globally

Traffic conditions have worsened globally since last year according to the study, 5 major cities of India finds a place in the top ten congested cities in the world


The ninth edition of TomTom Traffic Index provides an insight into the traffic condition in 417 cities across 57 countries in 6 continents. In its latest research (2019), Bengaluru has been reported to be the world’s most chaotic city with respect to traffic congestion.

While Bengaluru ranks in the number one position, four other metropolitan cities of India find a place in the top ten congested cities. The two cities of Maharashtra, Mumbai and Pune are in the top five, the other two non-Indian cities being Manila and Bogota.

New Delhi has the eight position in the list, with 56 per cent congestion level, the silver lining is that we have improved by 2 per cent since the last research. Bengaluru’s congestion level is 71 per cent and Mumbai – 65 per cent with no change.

Greensboro High Point in the US is the least congested city (rank 416) followed by Cadiz in Spain. The congestion level in both these cities are in the range of 9 -10 per cent.

The study was released on 29 January 2020 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The purpose of this study is to raise a concern about traffic conditions worldwide and help governments, city planners and policy makers to tackle traffic in congested cities.

The TomTom Traffic Index has the potential to help city planners to think about alternate routes or find unique solutions to handle traffic in their cities. The suggestive report also lays down strategies such as following peak-time traffic statistics to avoid commuting during those hours.

According to the study, traffic congestion has increased globally, 239 cities demonstrate increased congestion since 2018.

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