Delhi CM appeals to Delhiites to sponsor salary of Yoga instructors

These instructors were engaged under the ‘Dilli ki Yogshala’ programme


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has issued a WhatsApp number through which people can contribute towards the salaries of Yoga instructors who had been engaged under the ‘Dilli Ki Yogshala’ programme.

The programme has been discontinued by the Government, but according to the Chief Minister, the citizens of Delhi are willing to contribute towards the salaries of these teachers so that these Yoga classes continue.

In fact, so many people are keen for the classes to continue that the Chief Minister appealed to the residents of Delhi to send a message of support on the WhatsApp number, 7277972779.

The Chief Minister has assured that if those willing to help fund the salaries of these Yoga instructors inform on this number as to how many instructors they are ready to pay for, their cheques would go directly to those teachers.

While some people are even willing to bear the expenses of the classes in entirely, the Chief Minister wishes for more people to come forward and contribute and support the continuation of these classes.

He said in a press meet that the initial aim was to have about 17 lakh Delhi residents benefit from these yoga classes. The instructors are paid Rs 15,000 per month for teaching yoga in the morning and in the evening.

Since the Government has discontinued the programme, the Chief Minister hopes that interested yoga learners will come forward and take responsibility for paying the salaries of one or two teachers each.

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