Delhi police set to hire 6000 personnel, including 3000 women

The announcement has been made to enhance law enforcement in the country's capital


The Delhi Police announced that they plan to recruit over 6,000 officers, including 3,000 women, to enhance law enforcement in the country’s capital. The announcement was made during a meeting on women’s safety chaired by LG VK Saxena on Thursday.

As reported by India Today, the LG’s Office released a statement saying that Saxena highlighted the significance of augmenting the percentage of women police officers in the police force. Furthermore, the LG directed for greater and more visible policing, expedited construction of structures for fast-track courts handling women’s safety concerns, and incorporation of street lighting with the 311 app.

According to the statement, the LG was astonished that a fundamental task like streetlight repair and maintenance was being discussed and after reviewing the matter, decided at his level to  illuminate dark areas and expeditiously fix streetlights.

Saxena expressed that he would discuss the issue of the delayed transition to LED street lighting with Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. He also highlighted the importance of enhancing initiatives to educate young boys and teenagers through gender workshops and updated educational materials from the Education department and other relevant organizations. The aim is to decrease societal attitudes and behaviours that promote the objectification of women.

The Public Works Department (PWD) stated that the Delhi government has been considering the matter of constructing courtrooms since 2017-18 and informed the LG that no decision has been reached on this issue yet.

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