GE develops an inhouse tool for writing extensive & inclusive JDs

Named JD Decoder, the new tool will help inhouse recruiters in South Asia. It was released to the team on the occasion of the Pride month


Engineers at GE’s John F Welch Technology Centre in Bengaluru have developed an inhouse tool that will help its hiring managers to write more extensive and inclusive job descriptions.

In an official communique, sent to HRKatha, the company stated that the tool named JD Decoder, has been under testing for more than two years, and is now ready to be unleashed for its hiring managers and talent acquisition teams across South Asia.

Sukla Chandra, I&D Council leader, GE South Asia says, “This is another step forward in our inclusion journey.”

Alok Nanda, CTO, GE South Asia and CEO, GE India Technology Centre says, “At GE, we use technology to solve several challenges and problems in the energy, healthcare, and aviation sectors.

“Our engineers have brought their scientific thinking to solve for unconscious bias and have developed a tool that helps make our job descriptions more inclusive,” Nanda adds.

The GE India Technology Center regularly participates in LGBTQIA+ focused job fairs and

has made successful offers to candidates. have also onboarded a LGBTQIA+ as an approved talent acquisition partner thereby being inclusive in all their external hiring processes.

The announcement was made on the occasion of the pride month which is celebrated in the month of June.

The GE India Technology Center portrays itself as a true inclusive organisation. The company regularly participates in LGBTQIA+ focused job fairs, and claims to have even onboarded a LGBTQIA+ inclusion focused organisation to ensure inclusiveness in all external hiring.

The company has various diversity commitments in place which can be categorised under gender, disability advocacy network and Pride Alliance to ensure an equal and safe work environment for all genders.

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