Intuit India does its bit for LGBT employees

The Company’s employees with same sex domestic partners will now enjoy group medical insurance cover.


Intuit India, the business and financial software company, will extend its group medical insurance policy coverage to staff members with same sex spouses.

This move reinforces the Company’s commitment towards Pride Network as well as diversity and inclusion (D&I).

Proving that diversity and inclusion is an integral part of Intuit’s culture, employees at Intuit India can now enrol their same-sex partners as dependents under the group medical insurance. The coverage extends to other health-related benefits, such as OPD, dental and vision reimbursement. The Company’s group medical insurance allows reimbursement of up to Rs. 75,000 towards sex realignment surgery too.

Intuit India is already one of the rare few in the country to provide gender-neutral washrooms in its offices.

This is yet another step by the company to achieve equality at the workplace.

In collaboration with InnerSight, the Company offers counselling to the members of its workforce in India, who belong to the LGBT community or require counselling because somebody close to them belongs to the community.

Intuit India, which presently has a 1000 strong workforce, started operations in 2005. A subsidiary of American firm, Intuit, it is the Company’s first venture in Asia Pacific.

Inclusion of LGBTQ in Indian workplaces is gathering steam. Organisations are slowly realising the need to introduce policies for the community, taking into account the specific challenges the community faces in the corporate world. However, the companies in India that are open to including transgenders in their workforce is still far from significant.

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