Employee survey reveals dissatisfaction with Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership at Meta

Shocking internal survey reveals 70 per cent of Meta employees rate CEO Mark Zuckerberg as a terrible boss, morale plummets after mass layoffs


In a recent internal survey conducted at Meta, CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership style has come under scrutiny as over 70 per cent of employees rated him as a bad leader and a terrible boss. The survey sheds light on the declining employee morale within the company, especially in the wake of recent mass layoffs.

Earlier this year, Zuckerberg declared 2023 as the ‘year of efficiency’, emphasising Meta’s goal of improving financial performance and becoming stronger and more agile. However, this initiative has had a negative impact on employee satisfaction. In March, Meta announced the termination of 10,000 employees, following a previous round of layoffs that affected 11,000 jobs.

The survey, conducted prior to the most recent round of layoffs in May, revealed a decline in employee confidence in Zuckerberg’s leadership. Only 26 per cent of employees expressed confidence in his ability to lead the company, marking a 5 per cent decrease compared to a similar survey conducted in October 2022. Despite this, 43 per cent of employees still reported feeling valued at Meta.

The mass layoffs have significantly impacted employee morale, with affected employees sharing their experiences on platforms like LinkedIn. Many expressed surprise and disappointment, as the layoffs were not based on performance, leaving even high-performing employees uncertain about their future at the company.

During a recent company-wide meeting, Zuckerberg acknowledged the challenges faced by Meta and emphasised the company’s transformation towards a more stable, less bureaucratic, and agile organisation. He stressed the need to move away from the previous state and embrace a scrappier approach.

As Meta continues its journey towards transformation, employee satisfaction and morale will be crucial factors in the company’s success. The survey results serve as a wake-up call for leadership to address the concerns raised by employees, foster a positive work environment, and rebuild trust within the organisation.

Meta faces the challenge of restoring employee confidence in Zuckerberg’s leadership while navigating the ongoing transformation. It remains to be seen how the company will respond to these internal concerns and work towards creating a more engaged and satisfied workforce.

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