Employee uses pack of potato chips to skip work for two years


Australian electrician Tom Colella used empty foil packs to tamper with the GPS tracking.

Some employees have a habit of slacking at work. They use various tricks and excuses to avoid doing their job. But how far can one go to avoid doing a job and deceive the employer?

Most of us will agree that slackness does not go unnoticed for long and is a sure ticket to termination.

An Australian electrician, however, has successfully managed to deceive his employer for two years, by skipping work to play golf, not one or twice but at least 140 times! The electrician tricked his employer into thinking he was working extra hours than for two years.

The electrician, Tom Colella, used empty potato chip bags to deceive his employer of 20 years.

Being an electrician, Colella applied an old scientific discovery to make it impossible to track his whereabouts during work hours. He kept his personal digital assistant, a GPS device in an empty foil pack of Twisties, a popular snack available in Australia.

He applied the ‘Farady Cage’ trick, which use the covering of conductive material to block electromagnetic fields. Putting the GPS device in an empty foil allows the location to go undetected.

He used this strategy to skip work for two long years until he received an anonymous letter and got busted. The employer checked the records of the golf club and office electronic attendance and it was found to be true. He got fired.

Australia’s Fair Work Commission agreed that Colella had been deceiving the employer and has been fired rightfully.

If that anonymous letter had not been sent, Colella would have never been caught.

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