Employees of this firm will get to become ‘CEO of the day’ every month

In the past, Nearbuy had also started a similar initiative where it gave an opportunity to employees to take up any CXO role


Recordent, a fintech firm that caters to the SME segment in India, has taken an innovative initiative. It will give an opportunity to its employees to become CEO for one day.

Under this programme called ‘CEO of the Day’, one employee will be selected to become the CEO for the Company for an entire day, every month. The CEO will change roles with the employee to get an idea of the reality and the challenges of the organisation at the ground level.

“So many times, as employees, we think ‘if I was the CEO, I would change this or do that’. We wanted to give our employees a real chance to be able to make a difference to the company. We are committed to nurturing a great workplace culture and through this programme, selected candidates will get an opportunity to experience a bird’s eye view of the Company. They can actually experience what it is like to affect change,” Winny Patro, CEO & Co-founder, Recordent.

This ‘serious fun’ programme will see the employee chosen to become a CEO get a chance to make enduring decisions.

Also, the Company believes that when the employees will get into the shoes of the CEO, they will understand the missions, purpose and goals of the Company up close. The employees will also get an idea of what skills and capabilities are required to take on a leadership role.

Recordent is not the first company to introduce such a programme. Way back in 2015, Nearbuy had also started a similar initiative where it gave an opportunity to employees to take up any one of the CXO roles.

To select an employee every month for the CEO role, the Company will conduct tests where it will evaluate the employee on reasoning, situational judgement and personality fit.

This initiative will also give a career push to the employees to grow in the Company.

“We do understand that employees may be apprehensive about taking on management and leadership responsibilities, or perhaps, even be disinterested altogether. However, a programme like this benefits both the individual and the company. It’s very important for employees with immense potential to learn to be a leader,” says Bhasker Shetty, chief of staff, Recordent.

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