Ingersoll Rand celebrates Earth Day

Employees volunteer for the ‘Small changes that make big impact’ programme.


In line with their commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their products and operations by 2020, the employees of Ingersoll Rand celebrated Earth Day 2019 by participating in the ‘Small changes that make big impact’ programme. As part of the initiative, the employees planted trees to do their bit for environment sustainability. The objective was to support the environmental movement and help reduce the impact of climate change.

The 49000 strong workforce of the Irish-American diversified industrial manufacturing company, spread across the globe, made small changes to ensure a more healthy and sustainable world. They encouraged others to do the same and did their bit to spread awareness. ‘Green Teams’ are taking earth-friendly initiatives, such as cutting down on use of office supplies, avoiding straws, plastic containers and other single-use plastic items, eliminating junk mail, doing away with trash bins at desks to discourage excessive use of paper, and using rechargeable batteries.

This year’s ‘Small changes that make a big impact’ campaign saw employees volunteering to improve the environmental impact. They adopted various ways, such as using their own water bottles to drink water from, carrying their own canvas or synthetic reusable shopping bags, using cold water to wash clothes and switching off lights or electronics when not required, in order to conserve energy and electricity.

The Company believes that small actions over a significant time period, by a workforce of 49000, will have a considerable positive impact on the environment.

Ingersoll Rand is also collaborating with SolarBuddy to donate and help assemble 3,000 lights to be distributed to children in regions where energy is scarce, throughout the year. SolarBuddy’s innovative solar light that can be used after dusk, ensures accessibility to safe, effective and reliable electricity. These child-friendly lights can be easily operated and carried by children on their backs and charged on their long walks to and from school.

These lights will also be made available in Tanzania, Dominican Republic, India and South Africa.

The Company has already avoided 21 million metric tons of its customers’ CO2e, which is equal to avoiding 3.7 coal-fired power plants. It has reduced its own operational emissions by 45 per cent, and reduced energy intensity by 22 per cent.

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