Ex-Meta employee finds solace in local winery; describes tech industry as toxic

She finds her current family-run business more fun


An employee laid off from the tech giant, Meta, shared that she began working at a local winery for $20 per hour, while she previously earned a six-figure salary at Meta. 

Since the start of 2023, many big companies like Accenture, Amazon, Twitter, etc. have laid off many employees worldwide. Meta, being one of the big names in the list, announced the decision to lay off 11,000 employees in November 2022, followed by another 10,000 roles in March this year.  Many employees used LinkedIn to share their experience of how they were laid off while on maternity leave or received layoff notices in the middle of the night.

This former Meta employee acknowledges the challenges of covering the high cost of living in Silicon Valley, however, she still describes her woman-owned, family-run winery as ‘fun and new.’ Describing her past-experience, she also reveals how the tech job market is scary and feels toxic. Her post states how she was let go in March at Meta, and then she gave up on finding another talent acquisition job as it feels like a toxic and volatile place right now as the job market has become extremely competitive.

Furthermore, she expressed her reluctance to compete with thousands of other laid-off talent acquisition professionals for new positions. She mentioned not wanting to spend time reaching out to hiring managers on LinkedIn or accept a significant pay cut just to remain in recruiting in a different industry. However, she also appreciated her time working in the tech sector and was highly skilled at it.

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