Expats to be trained and given job opportunities in Kerala

The ‘Unarv’ initiative is presently focussing only on expats in the Piravom area.


With Keralites returning home in droves from across the world, the State will soon have to deal with thousands of unemployed. In an endeavour to provide those returning home with means of livelihood, Anoop Jacob, MLA, has come up with the ‘Unarv’ initiative to provide employment opportunities to those from the Piravom area, near Kochi.

The programme has reportedly been initiatied by a collective in Piravom, in the suburbs of Kochi, to help out those who had been working outside Kerala and are now struggling to survive. As part of this initiative, the expatriates, including skilled and unskilled workers, who decide to stay on in the state, will be given skill-development training.

Registrations have already started coming in, with 20 people registering via the official website, www.unarv.in. At least 800 registrations are expected, and only those from Piravom can apply right now.

Those who have registered will be required to participate in an orientation programme, which will be held in collaboration with the Agro Park and Technolodge in Piravom.

The collective will soon be drawing out a list of companies and establishments that require manpower. Opportunity will be given to employers to recruit. Those establishments keen to train workers will be given the opportunity to become partners in the Unarv project.

A large number of Indians from around the world have returned to the country by air and by sea on May 10, as part of probably the largest evacuation programme in the world. Almost 700 Indian expats from the Maldives have arrived by sea at Kochi, Kerala, on May 10.

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