Facebook accused of preferring H-1B visa holders over US locals

The US Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against the tech company for being unfair to local talent


Facebook has been accused of discriminating against local candidates in the US and giving preference to H-1B visa holders while hiring. The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has filed a case against the technology company for reserving more than 2,500 jobs for those possessing H-1B visas, whom Facebook sponsored for  green cards.

The accusations of the DOJ state that for almost a year since January 2018, to September 2019, the Company hired only those who held H-1B visas to fill temporary vacancies. Apparently, these vacancies were not even advertised on its website. It is alleged that Facebook had accepted applications only via physical mail and had not even considered a single application from American candidates who were keen to try for these posts.

Therefore, DOJ maintains that it was unfair to not give American candidates a chance at those vacancies; that it is illegal for organisations to give preference to temporary visa holders for any job positions and deprive opportunities of local candidates.

Investigation into the issue has been going on for almost two years now, and the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division has enough reason to believe that Facebook has been unjust. Although the social-media company has been refuting the allegations, it has been cooperating in the investigation process.

If all charges are proved, Facebook may be required to pay civil penalties and even back pay on behalf of American workers who were allegedly intentionally deprived of a job in favour of H-1B visa holders.

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