Freshers face test after 50% salary cut at Wipro

Wipro's decision to impose this new training programme comes after it reduced the salaries of these freshers from Rs 6.5 lakhs to Rs 3.5 lakhs in February 2023


Indian IT company, Wipro, has introduced a new training programme that ends with a test which could result in the elimination of the trainees. It has been designed for the freshers who have been waiting for over 15 months to be onboarded.

As per sources stated by Business Today, the freshers received their offer letter in November 2021, followed by Velocity training, which resulted in a salary increase to Rs 6.5 lakhs. However, after waiting for over a year, the candidates who received an offer to join the company at half the salary that was promised (from Rs 6.5 lakhs to Rs 3.5 lakhs), now face the new Project Readiness Programme (PRP) training, which includes a test and potential elimination from the programme.

It is reported that the instructions provided to the freshers seeking employment at Wipro stated that if they fail to pass the (PRP) training with a minimum score of 60 per cent, they will be terminated from the programme.

The training programme has come into effect due to various reasons. However, many believe it is an attempt from the IT giant to reduce its liabilities towards fresher employees who have been waiting for over a year to join the company.

Wipro is not alone in implementing a training programme with the possibility of elimination for freshers. Recently, IT services company LTI Mindtree also introduced a similar programme, where job claimants could be eliminated if they failed to score as expected in the tests. Similarly, Infosys also terminated hundreds of freshers who failed to pass the Freshers Assessment (FA) test.

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