GCC contract workers demand permanent jobs & fair treatment

GCC workers, who have been serving the civic body for a considerable period, are urging for regularisation of their employment status to ensure job security and fair treatment


Contract workers employed by the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) are demanding regularisation of their service and fair pay. These workers, who have been with the civic body for many years, are currently unable to access insurance coverage, provident fund, safety kits, and paid leave. They also face the constant risk of termination without notice. Under the national urban livelihoods mission (NULM), nearly 3,800 individuals are employed on contract.

Sanjay, a regular conservancy worker with the GCC, expressed that while they earn a monthly salary of up to 23,000 rupees, temporary employees receive only around 12,000 rupees per month. Sanjay emphasised that temporary workers face job insecurity due to their uncertain employment status.

Supporting this viewpoint, P Srinivasalu, a member of the conservancy union, highlighted the disparity in pay and benefits between temporary and permanent employees. Srinivasalu noted that despite performing the same work, temporary workers are not provided with the same level of compensation and benefits as their permanent counterparts.

R Priya, Mayor, stated that she intends to organise a meeting with all corporations in Tamil Nadu to explore the possibility of creating a new policy that can be implemented statewide. However, she acknowledged that this process will take time. Currently, these workers receive a new contract every year, indicating the temporary nature of their employment. The decision to continue working under these conditions ultimately lies with the workers themselves.

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