Glance employee alleges sexual harassment; company takes action

The employee posted about the matter on social media and said that the company has not yet taken any action. However the company said that it started the probe immediately after receiving the official complaint.


An employee at Glance, a smart lock screen platform under InMobi, has levelled allegations of sexual harassment against a senior manager. The employee has also asserted that the company has not yet addressed the complaint filed.

The said individual was an intern at Glance, serving as a UX designer and had a close working relationship with the manager.

The employee posted the matter on his social-media account, accusing that the product manager within the team engaged in inappropriate physical contact and made unsettling remarks. He also posted screenshots of the email he sent to the authorities and the conversation he had with the company officials on social media.

His post mentioned that the incident happened on 7 September 2023 wherein the product manager was purportedly involved in an attempted assault on him. The email also detailed that, in an attempt to seek safety he had left all his possessions behind.

The victim reported the incident to HR representatives, who assured the victim that they are diligently following the proper procedures.

According to the screenshots shared by the victim, an HR official stated that the committee is fully aware of the gravity of the situation and is actively taking all necessary measures.

Additionally, in an official statement, Sahil Mathur, CHRO, InMobi and Glance, said, “We offered the complainant counselling support within 24 hours of receiving the complaint. In the last 12 days, the Committee has moved forward swiftly to conduct four investigative meetings with personnel involved.”

Furthermore, he added that the company responded to the complaint within 12 hours of receiving the complaint and initiated further proceedings.

The company revealed that they conduct anti-harassment training and sensitisation programmes for all new hires as well as existing employees. Additionally, they mentioned the presence of a well-established procedure for handling complaints, including the existence of a longstanding Anti-Harassment Committee.

Clearing the facts in an official statement, the company has stated that the alleged incident did not happend on the office premises or during any event hosted by the company. It occured at the defendant’s residence in Bangalore, beyond office hours.

Furthermore, the company didn’t wait for the complainant to make the issue public but started the probe immediately after receiving the official complaint. Additionally, to ensure the investigation concludes while the complainant is still with the company, the company decided to extend the complainant’s internship by one month, and this decision has been communicated to the complainant.

The statement also clarified that the defendant  is an intern originally set to finish a six-month internship on September 23, 2023. The individual they’ve raised concerns about is a full-time employee within the company but not the complainant’s manager.

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