98-year-old Chicago man works full-time, 7 days a week

The work for him is like a part of his daily routine that he likes to do every single day


Joe Grier, a  loyal resident of Chicago, recently celebrated his 98th birthday while maintaining his lifelong dedication and daily routing of working every single day of the week. Grier, considered to be one of the nation’s most senior full-time employees, shared his enduring work ethic in an interview with Fox 32 Chicago.

Grier works for Victory, a Chicago-based manufacturing company, where his expertise lies in crafting moulds specifically designed for trophies and awards. During an interview with Fox 32, Grier conveyed his contentment and strong bond with his work, crediting his positive outlook for his longevity. 

On a daily basis, Grier engages in the creation of moulds for a wide range of trophies and awards. He expressed that his work brings him joy and it helps him stay connected to everything around him. The work for him is a part of his daily routine that he likes to do every single day.

He also emphasised the significance of one’s perspective when facing life’s hurdles and highlighted the value of finding humour in almost any situation, drawing from his extensive life experiences.

Eric Priceman, president of Victory, praised Grier for his steadfast commitment and described him as a highly esteemed mentor who has shared priceless wisdom with the company throughout the years. It is also notable that Grier persevered in his visits to the Victory plant, despite the difficulties presented by the pandemic, providing training to new employees and demonstrating his resilience and dedication. During his extensive tenure,  he witnessed the company go through several changes including several machinery upgrades, further highlighting his lasting impact in the workplace.

His narrative has gained significant traction online, captivating internet users who are deeply interested in discovering more about this extraordinary individual. It has also reiterated people’s belief in the old saying – Age is merely a number!

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