Amazon Black Friday strike: Workers protest across 40 countries, demand better pay

The strike will impact sales on the busiest day of the year


Demanding fair pay and improved working conditions, Amazon workers are set to hold protests across 40 countries. With Black Friday known to be one of the busiest day of the year, the strike will adversely impact the Black Friday sales.

Amazon workers from 40 countries including Ireland, South Africa, France, Ireland, India and Germany will participate in the protest by holding strikes and demonstrations in their respective countries.

These protests appear to be part of the ‘Make Amazon Pay’ campaign, which is being coordinated by 80 trade unions along with some environmental action groups, and other civil society organisations. Among various demands, the workers seek fair pay, the right to join a union and safe work environment and practices, along with a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Workers affiliated with the GMB union in the UK have organised demonstrations outside a number of warehouses, including Coventry. Over ten US cities will have protests and rallies, including one outside the Jeff Bezos-owned apartment building in New York.

Protests have been scheduled in India and Tokyo too. Bangladeshi textile workers who are integral to Amazon’s supply chain will demonstrate in Chittagong and Dhaka.

Meanwhile, Amazon acknowledges the problems raised by the campaign and communicated that it was working to bring about improvements in areas such as employee health, safety and climate change.

The e-commerce company has been facing issues with its workers revolving around unfair labour practices, unionisation and employee activism.

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