Apple staff given deadline to return to office

By 5 September, Apple employees will have to return to work for three days a week


Apple employees have been asked to work from office thrice a week starting 5 September, 2022 as it will follow a hybrid model from now on.

It was in June 2021 that Apple had revealed plans to adopt the hybrid model of work. However, Apple staff had not welcomed the news then. Ever since, the implementation of the model has been delayed, based on employee feedback and the COVID situation.

Now, the CEO has conveyed to the employees that the teams, as part of the pilot trial of the hybrid approach, are expected to come to office on Tuesdays and Thursdays and a third day that will be decided by the respective teams, and which will vary from team to team.

That means, many employees will be able to work remotely twice a week, and basis their role, they may be able to opt for remote working for up to four weeks a year.

The revision in the work model is aimed at improving flexibility without compromising on in-person collaboration, which according to Tim Cook, CEO, Apple, is integral to the culture of Apple.

He has made it clear that this is still a learning phase and that the team will adapt and grow together, changing and evolving as per the situation.

Meanwhile, it is reported that Apple has objected to an employee who posted information related to the iPhone on TikTok and identified herself as an Apple employee in the process. The Company has threatened to fire her saying she violated the social-media policy of the Company.

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