Apple staff to present proof of booster jab

Eligible employees will be allowed four weeks to get their booster jab


All eligible employees of Apple will be allowed four weeks’ time to get their booster jabs. If they fail to do so, they will have no option but to undergo frequent tests to enter any Apple office or retail store with effect from February 15, 2021.

Starting January 24, all employees of Apple who are yet to be vaccinated or have not submitted proof of vaccination will have to present a COVID-negative test result before entering the workplace.

As per The Verge, Apple sent off an official memo to employees which stated that the efficacy of the initial series of vaccines is fading, and with the Omicron variant spreading fast, a booster shot has become necessary to stay protected.

In December 2021, Apple had made masking mandatory at all Apple retail stores in the US and temporarily closed locations due to the rising cases of infection in the workforce. It had also gone ahead and postponed the ‘return to office’ deadline. Additionally, Apple had announced that it would provide a $1,000 bonus to employees to fulfil their work-from-home requirements.

At that time, the employees were informed that the plan for hybrid work was being pushed further, and that a date was yet to be decided to implement the same. However, Apple offices continued to be open in various locations, including Greater China.

Apple has been encouraging employees to take their vaccine jabs as well as booster shots to keep themselves and those around them safe.

The bonus offered was expected to help the employees make their workspace at home more comfortable and efficient.

Once it implements ‘return-to-office’ employees will probably be required to come in to office on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and work home for two days.


  1. The article has incorrect dates. The news is today’s but the year mentioned is 2021. Your editors need to be more careful. There are a lot of errors in many of the news stories posted.

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