CEOs will not hire Harvard students who condone terror attack

Billionaire Bill Ackman has openly condemned a group of students who blamed Israel’s occupation of Gaza for the recent Hamas terror attack


Bill Ackman, billionaire hedge-fund manager and CEO, Pershing Square Capital Management, has openly disapproved of certain students from Harvard University who have made statements blaming Israel for the for the Hamas’ attack. Ackman sees these statements as an act of condoning terrorism and says the involved students should not be given corporate jobs.

He is not the only one who now wishes for these students to be blacklisted so that nobody hires them. Other CEOs have also come forward to show their support in condemning these students.

In the middle of this controversy is the statement by the Harvard Undergraduate Palestine Solidarity Committee to which many students and student organisations have put their signatures drawing public attention.

The statement holds Israel’s actions responsible for the attack and violence by Hamas.

In his social-media post, Ackman reveals that several CEOs have sought the names of the student organisations that support the controversial statement so that they can refrain from hiring their members in the future. These CEOs feel that the students’ statements show support to terrorists and justify their actions.

Other CEOs who have spoken up against the Harvard students are Jonathan Neman, CEO and co-founder, Sweetgreen, the American fast casual restaurant chain, and Jake Wurzak, CEO, DoveHill Capital Management and David Duel, CEO, EasyHealth, a healthcare services firm.

Yet others such as Stephen Sullivan, CEO, do not approve of students being blacklisted thus. They feel it is OK to disapprove of the administration and faculty for turning a blind eye to such statement being issued, but not fair for the list of students responsible to be made public.

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