Cognizant CEO interacts with 5 employees daily, for an hour

Brian Humphries tries to gauge employee opinion with these discussions and hence, improve company attrition


Cognizant Technology Solutions, which employs over three lakh people globally, saw an attrition rate of about 33 per cent in the July-September quarter. With attrition being so high, Brian Humphries, CEO, Cognizant Technology Solutions, is trying to find out the reasons for the same. In doing so, he is spending an hour interacting with five employees every day.

This move, it is hoped, will improve the attrition rates as well as employee relations. Humphries revealed in a recent interview with The Associated Press that through these interactions, he is trying to find out what they think about the work, the Company’s strategy, and its communication.

With remote working becoming the norm, Humphries shares that the challenge of retaining employees has only grown. The sense of loyalty that is built within employees because of the informal team interactions that were so common at the workplace has been lost. However, Humphries also believes that the hybrid work model would bring better opportunities for women professionals, as they will be able to stay in the workforce for longer and even climb up to higher and more powerful positions in the hierarchy.

Humphries believes that the next generation of workers is more keen to work for companies that have a clear purpose and wish to add value to the larger community. Employees of today, he feels, are no longer willing to work for just any corporate entity, but those that wish to do their bit for the good of the world.

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