Curacao invites remote workers to work from the island for 6 months

The Caribbean island is offering 4G connectivity and pleasant weather as incentives


Curaçao, the Dutch Caribbean island, popular for its beaches, coral reefs and marine life, is offering remote workers an opportunity to stay on the island for six months. The island situated off the Venezuelan coast boasts of a pleasant climate and 4G connectivity to attract professionals who are working from anywhere.

Those who choose to work from Curacao, for any company anywhere in the world, can enter and exit the island country whenever and as many times as they wish to. They will not be liable to pay any income tax either. If the visitors so wish, they can extend their stay by another six months.

Professionals interested in working from the island have to furnish proof of a remote job and evidence that they are financially capable of supporting themselves. They will be required to pay a fee of $294 and take up an insurance policy and pre-book a flight back to their home country.

They are also required to take COVID-19 test within 72 hours of their departure from their home country and present a ‘negative’ result.

In October 2020, the Emirate of Dubai had introduced a similar initiative wherein professionals from anywhere in the world — who are working remotely — may relocate to Dubai, for a year, and continue to work for an employer or organisation in their home country.

With zero income tax in Dubai, this is an excellent option for remote workers to shift to Dubai along with their families and enjoy its safe environment. Just like Curacao, the Government of Dubai also offers ‘a strong digital infrastructure’, which is ideal for remote working.

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