Does Goldman Sachs offer a ‘dysfunctional’ workplace?

A former employee has accused the financial institution for being the cause of various mental health issues.


Goldman Sachs is making headlines for the wrong reasons, with a former employee accusing the financial institution of fostering a dysfunctional workplace. The said employee, 55-year old Ian Dodd from the London office has dragged Goldman Sachs into a one million pound lawsuit as he claims the workplace culture affected his mental health.

According to the employee — who was the global head of recruiting— Goldman Sachs International, the meetings at work were witness to high levels of emotions and often tears. He has filed a case accusing the institution of being responsible for him being overworked and keeping late hours. The work culture led him to become ill within a year of joining the London office in 2018 so much so that he had to quit in 2021.

Meanwhile, the bank denies the allegations. The hearing is scheduled for December 2023. A detailed defence has been filed with the High Court in this matter, completely denying that Dodd was bullied at any point or that employees were consistently agitated or emotionally pressurised. The Bank also states that Dodd was given adequate support and guidance when he joined and had no clue that Dodd’s health was being affected in any way.

Only last year Goldman Sachs had allowed its senior bankers to avail as many holidays as they wanted to rest, relax and recuperate, when its culture of overwork had come under scrutiny.

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