Free training for veterans in NSW to make them employable

Former armed forces personnel will receive training that will make them employable and lead a comfortable civilian life


Veterans in New South Wales (NSW) will soon be trained and educated free of cost as part of a programme to get retired defence personnel back into the active workforce and the community.

The initiative is being launched in collaboration with TAFE the Australian vocational training and education provider.

Considering that over 1200 men and women leave the defence force annually, following which it becomes a challenge for them to ease back into the community and find a civilian job. Through this programme, such veterans will be able to avail the opportunity to learn and get trained. They can choose from over 450 training institutes to get trained and become more employable, including TAFE that has been delivering virtual and face-to-face teaching, across Australia, in a socially responsible manner.

Over two lakh ex-defence personnel across NSW, mainly in the Wagga Wagga, Nowra, the Hunter and greater Syndey area, will benefit from this initiative. According to NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, this is the best way to recognise veterans from the armed forces and give them what they deserve for spending years serving the nation.

For a veteran, the skills gained while in service are not always enough to procure a civilian job. Such an opportunity also helps to ease their financial burden. They will be able to gain new skills without spending a penny, and also end up increasing their job prospects in the process.

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