Job for babies in Japan; salary in the form of nappies, formula milk

Kitakyushu nursing home wants these babies to spread happiness amongst its elderly residents


Kitakyushu nursing home in Japan has found a unique way to keep the spirits of its elderly residents high. It is hiring babies, less than four years of age, to spread warmth and cheer throughout the facility.

These babies will remain with their mothers / guardians throughout, while taking a stroll through the nursing home. The residents of the home are mostly over the age of 80, and the presence of these little ones lifts their spirits. They make for great company for these octogenarians who love to interact with them and even hug them.

The guardians of these little ones are required to sign a contract stating that babies and toddlers can show up at the nursing home for ‘duty’ at their own convenience, whenever they wish to.

There is no fixed schedule or roster either. These ‘employees’ get to take a break whenever they wish to, or if they need to be fed or put to bed.

Already over 30 babies have received ‘employment’, and they are being paid in the form of diapers and powdered milk in exchange for their ‘services’.

There is a proper job ad on the notice board of the nursing home seeking ‘candidates’ for the job. The ad clearly states that the babies will be paid in diapers and formula milk for simply taking a stroll around the facility along with their mothers/guardians.

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