Over 9 lakh job vacancies in Canada in Q3

This is a record high, indicating a dip in unemployment and a path to economic recovery


Canada reported a record high number of job vacancies in Q3 of 2021. In fact, the number of job vacancies was almost 3.5 lakhs more than in 2019.

This heartening figure goes hand in hand with the growth in employment and dipping unemployment caused by the COVID-related restrictions and economic slump.

Opportunities grew in about 18 of the 20 industrial sectors of the country.

Except for sectors such as real estate, fishing, hunting, agriculture, rental and leasing, and forestry, the number of vacancies have gone up in most sectors.

Opportunities seem to be more in low-paying jobs than in the high-paying ones.

The maximum number of job vacancies have been seen in the healthcare, food, construction, accommodation, manufacturing and retail sectors.

In the hope of boosting economic growth, Canada plans to rely on immigration. It aims to encourage high-skilled immigrants who will be able to earn well and spend on housing.

Not only will immigrants help tackle labour shortage, but will also create jobs and give the much- needed push to the country’s economy. Besides, migrant labour is required to complete ongoing construction.

The government plans to introduce a housing package, which will include a $3.2 billion budget for funding and speeding up the housing plans in Canada’s bigger cities.

The Association of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters has been requesting the government to increase its target for economic class immigrants over the next ten years, to tackle the huge labour shortage in the manufacturing sector.

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