People continue to leave their jobs in the US

4.4 million people left their jobs in September, up from 4.3 million in August


The resignation spree continues in the US. A record 4.4 million people have left their jobs in the month of September 2021, which is almost three per cent of the total workforce in the Country, as shared by the Labour Department.

This number is higher than the previous month (August), when it was 4.3 million and much higher than the pre-pandemic levels when the US saw 3.6 million people leaving their jobs. There were 10.4 million vacancies in the job market in September, which has come down from 10.6 in August.

As per the data, the maximum turnover has been seen amongst frontline essential industries, where work from home is not possible. Apart from that, professionals from arts backgrounds, such as event specialists and hairstylists, have been quitting their jobs rapidly and have seen an immense spike.

Since people have been quitting their jobs in large numbers, a significant number of openings are also available in the market in sectors such as healthcare and social assistance; state and local governments, excluding education; wholesale trade; and information roles.

With the holiday season fast approaching, many businesses are facing a shortage of labour, especially low-wage workers. To attract them, employers have been offering flashy benefits, higher compensations as well as perks, which were not really given in the past.

So far, roughly 34.4 million people have quit their jobs this year, with more than 24 million doing so since April. In comparison, 36.3 million people quit their jobs in all of 2020.

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