Rolls-Royce workers reject £2,000 cash bonus

The employees argue that the amount is not enough to meet their expenses


Thousands of Rolls-Royce employees have rejected the auto giant’s offer of £2000 cash benefit, citing that the money is far too less to enable them to meet their expenses.

The luxury car manufacturer was gearing to disburse this lumpsum cash bonus to its employees across the UK, but was rather shocked when the union workers declined the offer.

This one-time bonus was offered to about 14,000 employees to help them through the spike in the cost of living amidst the unfavourable market conditions, supply chain issues and shortage of labour. About 3,000 workers who are not members of the union were also set to enjoy this bonus.

The British union, Unite, which primarily represents workers across industry, feels the offer — which includes a four per cent pay rise — made by the organisation to the employees does not even begin to fulfil the expectations of the union members and “falls a long way short” in the face of this cost-of-living crisis.

Also, Unite is unhappy with the way Rolls-Royce announced the bonus; that it kind of undermined the Union’s capability to negotiate.

The Company, however, emphasises that this is the first time that it has rolled out this one-time bonus basis the economic conditions and not the performance of employees and projects it as a great offer.

Inflation has been a concern for workers across the UK. Britain’s railway network also came to a halt with workers going on a strike against low pay, which they say is insufficient to deal with the rising costs. Royal Mail workers are also voting in favour of a countrywide strike to demand better pay.

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