This company buys lottery tickets for 50k employees

The CEOs found this engagement activity to be fun and an opportunity to win some extra money for people in times of high inflation

Picture Credit - Tony Webster

The CEO of a food chain decided to buy mega lottery tickets for its 50,000 employees last week.

Raising Cane’s co-CEOs AJ Kumaran and Todd Graves made headlines for buying two lottery tickets for each employee in the Company. As per media reports, the Company went on to spend $100,000 on the same, as each ticket cost $2.

For this mega lottery announces the results the next day. The first time, the mega jackpot prize was $830,000 million, and no employee was lucky enough to bag it. The company went on to buy lottery tickets for all employees the second time around as well, where the mega jackpot prize was for more than $1 billion.

As per Kumaran and Graves, people in the US are going through a real tough time. There is high inflation in the country which is causing rising prices everywhere, at the gas station and even grocery stores, affecting their kitchens.

The two CEOs saw this as an opportunity to earn some extra money for their people while adding a fun element.

As per Graves, this activity helped to bring a bit of joy and cheer to the employees and filled them with some hope of a surprise. The objective was that if somebody landed the prize, the money would be equally distributed amongst the employees.

As per reports, for the lottery printing company it takes about eight hours to print a lot of 50,000. Graves also posted a video of the tickets being printed.

While many would think that buying lottery tickets is such a waste, Graves logic is that a sum of $100,000 (which he spent buying the tickets) if distributed equally among the employees would have meant just $2 per employee.

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