This company offers bonus to help staff pay rising electricity bills

All employees will get an additional bonus of 200 pounds every month


There has been constant forecasts in the UK about the rising cost of electricity in the country. It has been reported that the cost of electricity can go beyond 4,000 pounds by January 2023. A few months back, Daron Hutt, chairman, 4Com, the telecommunications provider to UK SMEs, had conveyed to his staff that the company would extend help to the employees if the cost of living rises.

The Company kept its promise and how!

In response to the rising energy cost in the UK, 4Com has announced an energy- support bonus for all its employees. As per the new bonus scheme, every employee will get an extra 200 pounds (Rs 18,500) every month. Hutt announced this financial assistance in one of the monthly briefings.

Hutt recalled the promise made a couple of months ago wanting to “help if costs rose”, and that “we are now seeing the situation with energy costs crystallising”.

He acknowledge what a “a truly fantastic team” he had and how “the combined efforts of everyone have helped the company continue to grow”. He went on to say. “Thanks to that growth, we’re in a position where we can help offset some of the price rises that are clearly coming”.

The ‘energy support bonus’ will come into effect immediately and will continue to be given until further notice.

As per Gary Scutt, CEO, 4Com, the energy support bonus will be available to all the new joinees as well, as they are part of the team and “they’re our most valuable asset”. As the Company is growing rapidly and is hiring for many roles, “this bonus will be extended to all staff joining 4Com moving forward,” said Scutt.

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