Go First employees face uncertainty over AOC termination

Due to a significant lack of funds, the air carrier owned by the Wadia Group had to resort to moving  the National Company Law Tribunal


The financial crisis faced by Go First airline, which initiated insolvency resolution proceedings in the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) last week, has left its employees feeling uncertain about their future. 

As per the media reports, the airline’s Air Operators Certificate (AOC) may be terminated depending on their response to the notice, which must be submitted within 15 days. 

On Monday, May 8, the DGCA also issued a show cause notice to Go First mentioning that the airline is uncertain about operating further. As per the last notice given to employees, all of them were supposed to serve a notice period of six months, however, if the flights are not operating, there’s not much that they can do. Additionally, crew was also advised to begin job hunting. However, with the recent developments, there is no clear direction on what actions to take.

The crew is also uncertain about their April dues (salary) as there was a delay in March’s compensation as well. 

According to the employees, it will be difficult to find a new job with a similar salary package given that news about Go First’s financial crisis is circulating in the market. As a result, employees have already begun searching for jobs in other airlines such as Air India, Akasa Air, and IndiGo, according to media reports. 

Due to a significant lack of funds, the air carrier owned by the Wadia Group had to resort to approaching the NCLT. The low-cost airline, which employs more than 7,000 individuals and has an indirect impact on 10,000 jobs, is experiencing financial troubles as a result of defective engines provided by Pratt & Whitney (P&W).

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