Google creates fund for contractual workers on leave due to Covid19

The temp workers who are unable to work on account of novel coronavirus will get financial support from the fund

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Covid19 has been declared a pandemic by WHO and companies are not only asking employees to work from home but also extending support to the ones who are quarantined. Recently, Google announced its decision to create a fund that will take care of its contractual workers, who are on sick leave due to coronavirus or Covid19.

The American multinational technology company employs a large number of people worldwide, and in addition, has suppliers and vendors all over the world. With the novel coronavirus or Covid19 spreading over continents, many of them are affected or quarantined.  Google’s fund has been set up to help its temp workers, and its suppliers.

The fund will motivate people to deal with the virus responsibly and stay at home when they have Covid19 symptoms, without worrying about pay. The fund will help them while they are away from work.

Apparently, about 1,20,000 temp workers rely on Google and they are paid on a daily basis for the number of days that they work. But, the Company is making an exception in these extreme circumstances. It has decided to provide financial help to the workers who are unable to report for duty on account of Covid19.

Google has about 1,00,000 employees in North America alone, who have been asked to work from home since the continent has reported an increased number of positive Covid19 cases.

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