GPS-based attendance registration for employees on the move

NexAEI, will also be launching a new integrated facial recognition technology that can be used on the smartphones.


NexAEI, short for Next Generation Advanced Engagement Interface , is a user-friendly employee attendance and workplace productivity application, which is all set to introduce its integrated facial recognition technology. The application will be able to recognise faces from a mobile application and authenticate them at top speed, making it possible for employees from outdoor locations also to register their attendance. The technology of image-based authentication is the ideal and most natural way of identity verification and protection against fraud and proxy.

This mobile application helps capture and process information pertaining to employees, visitors, vendors and so on from the front office itself. Designed and developed by a Kolkata based start-up, the technology will render conventional ways of registering attendance, time keeping, presence and identity management redundant. With the use of tablets and smart phones, the tool will offer a superior user experience.

With a few taps of the finger on the device, employees and visitors can check in and out of the office. In case of employees on the move, the GPS-ased attendance makes it possible to register attendance from any outdoor location. The application will make workload lighter for HR and administration personnel, who will be able to access information instantly via a centralised data bank. Employees will also be able to keep track of their check-in and check-out times, leave balance, and so on whenever they want, even when they are not inside the office.

The technology will not only ensure better overall efficiency, but also connectedness, engagement, transparency, and satisfaction. Now, with the addition of the facial recognition feature, there will be no need for signatures, thumb impressions or even identity cards. All employees need to do is, walk in, scan their faces and head for their workstations every day.

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